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My name is Raymond F. Chandler, a St. Charles, Missouri Lawyer, and I am a Partner in the law firm of Lampin, Kell, Fagras, Linson, Buehler & Chandler.  My law firm, located in St. Charles County Missouri, handles a wide range of legal matters for the individual and small business.  My partners average over 20 years of legal experience.  We are all familiar with the courtroom and with trying cases in front of juries.  An individual, or an entire family, may have many different legal needs that arise, from the occasional speeding ticket to an emotionally trying divorce involving children.  At Lampin, Kell, Fagras, Linson, Buehler & Chandler we use the assembled experience of our entire staff to help you through these events in your life.  We believe in the need to protect the rights of the individual and to seek the best outcome for all of our clients.

I am also a member of Kell Lampin, LLC located at the same office building in St. Charles County Missouri.  The law firm of Kell Lampin, LLC is dedicated to helping those suffering from serious personal injuries.  Whether someone is injured in a severe car accident, has been diagnosed with injuries from a defective prescription drug, or has been diagnosed with mesothelioma or lung cancer due to asbestos exposure, Kell Lampin, LLC has the experience and resources to guide our clients and seek the compensation that they and their families deserve.

The legal system in American is designed to protect the rights of individuals.  However, it is not designed to be easy to use or to work in the quickest fashion.  I work with my clients to help them understand the process and the issues they are facing.  My goal is always to provide quality legal services at fair and reasonable rates.  To accomplish this goal I am always willing to sit down with a potential client for free and discuss their case.  Myself or my partners will talk to a potential client and give a free case evaluation, with no obligation and  will always maintain confidentiality.

If you are facing bankruptcy, received a traffic ticket, were involved in a serious car accident, diagnosed with mesothelioma, or any other event that has you questioning your legal rights or responsibilities, contact St. Charles Attorney Raymond F. Chandler at 636-229-4300 or on the web today to arrange a no obligation, confidential, free case evaluation.

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