Do I Make Too Much Money to File Bankruptcy?

Many times potential clients will come into my office or call me on the phone and wonder if they make too much money to file for bankruptcy.  This is a popular bankruptcy myth.  Many people are under the false impression that when the bankruptcy laws changed in 2005 that there was a strict barrier to filing bankruptcy if an […]

Does Too Much Debt Affect Your Physical Health?

A recent study by Northwestern University, published in the August issue of Social Science and Medicine found a relationship between physical health and debt that has not been looked at previously.  Researchers looked over data putting together young adults age 24-32 and debt loads.  They were looking to see, for the first time, whether there was a connection between […]

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  • Paperwork needed for Bankruptcy Consultation
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    What Paperwork Should I Bring to My Free Consultation for Bankruptcy?

What Paperwork Should I Bring to My Free Consultation for Bankruptcy?

As a bankruptcy lawyer, I have always provided a free consultation for any individual or family that is thinking about filing for bankruptcy.  During this meeting, which normally last about an hour, I review the financial circumstances the potential client is facing and try to help the debtor determine a few things.  First, is bankruptcy the right way to […]

Tools to Combat Zombie Debt

In a recent opinion released by the Supreme Court of Missouri, a new tool was given to consumers facing lawsuits by zombie debt collectors.  In CACH v. Askew, a consumer was facing a lawsuit by a debt collection company that had purchased an old debt from the previous credit card account holders.  The collection company was the third in […]