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Do you need a fresh start from debt?  Do you want to make sure your property passes to your family at your death? Do you want to protect your loved one’s from not knowing your end of life decisions when the time comes? Have you been injured and need aggressive representation to seek compensation for your losses? Call me today to discuss all your pressing legal matters.

The legal system protects the rights of individuals.  But, it is not designed to be easy to navigate. I work with my clients to help them understand the process and the issues they are facing.  My goal is always to provide quality legal services at fair and reasonable rates. To reach this goal I am always willing to sit down with you for a discussion of your case.  We will sit down with you for a free, no obligation case evaluation to explore all your options.

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Estate Planning

Are you worried about what will happen to your property upon your death? Are you concerned about who will take care of your minor children if you are in an accident? Do you want to make sure your health care treatment wishes are carried out? Call today to schedule an estate planning session to make sure your plan is carried out.

Estate Planning for your family
Helping you find relief through bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Relief

Are you facing debts you cannot pay? Are creditors harassing you?  Are medical bills eating away at your budget? Bankruptcy may be the solution. Let me sit down with you to review your financial situation. We will be able to determine if a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the answer to your problems. I can help you get a financial fresh start and back on your feet.